Wonky Vegetables

August 10, 2017 8:31 pm

Hello,  Hope you’re all well? We’ve had a cracking few weeks with quite a lot on so I have been very bad at not keeping this updated.

So What have we been up to? We are always on the look out to find new suppliers and exploring ways of adding other elements to the menu no matter how small to keep us unique and interesting.

We love vegetables and this last month has been a particularly exciting veggie month.

There’s something so rewarding about home grown Vegetables –  Myself and Charlie ( 5 years old ) have been trying to grow vegetables over the last few months and to our astonishment we actually managed to keep some not only alive, but get it to consumption stage. This in itself is an achievement as I’ve often struggled to keep the hardiest of house plants alive.

It didn’t happen over night and after; it took months of lovingly nurturing our vegetables from seed to pot, warm greenhouse to hardening them outside, pollinating male and female flowers until we finally had our very first home grown vegetables, yay! The intention was always to utilise them in the restaurant, obviously not enough to stop using our green grocer but certainly enough to filter onto a veggie night dish, garnish or pickle for a few weeks. This may seem like a small token but is hugely rewarding non the less.

Coincidentally we were then approached by a company called Twisted Turnip who specialise in local  ‘perfectly imperfect veg’ or ‘Wonky Veg’ as we’ve coined it. This lovely couple collect seasonal fruit and vegetables that don’t quite fit the aesthetic super-model supermarket look and would otherwise be rejected.

It is said that as much as 20 – 40 % of produce is discarded purely for aesthetic purposes which equates to 90k Tonnes per year going to landfill ) So not only are they local – farms are within a 15 mile radius of Derby, they are independent, seasonal and wonky! Wonky Veg at Wonky Table, It was a match made in heaven.

As a small company, they can only deliver a few times a week so at the moment we are using them purely on our vegetarian night. Hopefully as they grow we will be using them more long term. As we are so passionate about this idea we have also happily signed up to become a collection point for their Veg boxes which you can order online at www.twistedturnip.com Please check them out!

Our Veggie Night falls on the first Wednesday of the month if you would like to book please Lettuce Know!

See you soon!
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